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Wednesday, October 18

CAS Observing Evening - October 20th / 21st

As well as being the peak of Orionids meteors this weekend, it is of course our next CAS observing evening. So we have the chance to get together and observe the spectacle. Weather permitting we'll meet at our new site at Big Wood near Highham Hall at about 8.30pm (although we'll have to stay much later to see the meteors at their best). If it's cloudy on Friday we have a second chance on Saturday.

For more information check out our observing Frequently Asked Questions.

1 comment:

  1. Well Friday night was no good but the forecast tonight shows a possiblity of clear spells. If it is clear I plan to be there a bit earlier (around 8 pm BST) to see if I can catch comet M4 SWAN visually. (Not ideally placed from the observing point - I may end up setting up in the middle of the road!