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Wednesday, September 20

September CAS Observing Session

Our monthly observing sessions restart again this month, weather permitting. The last few have been cancelled due to lack of a suitable observing site. Our last site at Calbeck was really too far for most people to travel.

After much deliberation we have decided on a site much closer to Cockermouth at Big Wood. That's about 10 mins drive from the centre of Cockermouth. For map of how to get there follow this link.

The observing session is planned for the 22nd or 23rd of September. That means that if it's clear on the 22nd (this Friday night) we'll meet up at the site. If it's cloudy, we'll try again on Saturday night. If it's cloudy again we give up for the month and try again next month! For more details on observing sessions check out this Frequently Asked Questions post.

These observing sessions are a great opportunity to meet other CAS members, discuss and try out equipment and learn from more experienced members. You don't need any fancy equipment to take part, ust bring what you've got; telescope, binoculars, your eyes, whatever.

Keep an eye on the blog on Friday, I'll try an post something if the session is on. If you here nothing, and it looks clear, just turn up. I look forward to seeing you there.

The observant among you will have noticed I haven't mentioned a time to meet. Lets say arrive between 8.45pm and about 9.15pm. It should be reasonably dark by then. - Chris.

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