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Thursday, August 31

CAS August Meeting Report

Our August meeting prompted a bit more debate than usual.

Starting with the news section and a debate about the recent definition of a planet from the IAU. After a good half and hour or more of discussion the consensus seemed to be that the IAU had failed to come up with a clear consistent decision. On top of that, they had landed the amateur astronomical community with the difficult job of trying to explain the logic to the general public!

Also discussed was news of some direct evidence for dark matter. Again this prompted some debate, with a certain amount of skepticism for the whole concept from some quarters!

The main topic for the evening was no less than "life in the universe". Robin gave us an excellent talk covering; messages to aliens, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and a in dept look at the famous Drake Equation.

Two hours fairly flew by and it was great to have so much discussion.

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