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Thursday, July 20

Special July Meeting - "Hubble The Movie"

We don't normally meet in July but as an experiment we thought we would try it this year (OK we forgot to cancel the hall booking !) The date is next Tuesday 25th, usual time and place, so if you are fed up with all the sunshine and cannot face another barbecued sausage, why not come along?

As a special treat there will be the Cockermouth premiere showing of the European Space Agency's video celebrating 15 years of the Hubble Space Telescope (Very comprehensive covering the HST itself, the discoveries, life the universe and everything and of course some amazing images. All presented by Brit Bob Fosbury)

1 comment:

  1. Well there were quite a few of us there last night, despite it officially being our month off. I thought the video ended rather abruptly and when I checked the DVD when I got home, I found that it had failed to play the final chapter (9) about the Hubble deep fields and star and galaxy formation in the early universe. If you have broadband, you can see it on the ESA website
    along with the rest of the video and lots of other cool clips (I can see me raiding this archive for inclusion in future talks!)