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Saturday, July 1

A hectic and frustrating afternoon . . .

Well I've just spent the afternoon and evening trying to keep an eye on the England Portugal quarter-final, Andy Murray at Wimbledon and the Shuttle launch countdown (live on NASA TV) all whilst trying to make the most of the good weather with a barbecue in the garden!

I'm sure you will have heard the football and tennis results by now, even if you are not interested ! The shuttle didn't get off the ground, the launch was postponed due to Electrically charged anvil clouds near the launch site. NASA will be trying again on Sunday evening, weather permitting, and there's no football or tennis distractions.

If you want to keep an eye on what's happening with the launch try The Flame Trench blog by Florida Today, for a blow by blow account. The blog reports that chances of bad weather postponing Sunday's launch attempt are as high as 60%, with prospects not much better for Monday.

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