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Saturday, April 1

Total Eclipse view from Turkey

No time for a full report I am afraid - Other priorities are encroaching, so you will have to wait for the April meeting. But just to say Wow!!! what an experience. It certainly made up for being clouded out in France with minutes to go in '99.

Apart from Gwen and I just enjoying the event, my main focus was spectroscopy. You can see some preliminary results on my website and don't forget to watch/record the Sky at Night Eclipse Special on Sunday night (12:45 AM BBC1) you might just see a familiar face ;-)

By the way I am talking about spectroscopy at The Eddington Society in Kendal on Monday evening. If anyone from CAS is going, would like a lift and is on my route, please get in touch.


I've just heard that the eclipse spectroscopy will not feature on Sky at Night this month after all due to lack of space in a packed programme. They still plan to show it next month though.


  1. Great results Robin. I'm so glad you got a clear view of the eclipse. I'm impressed you had the presence of mind to actually get on with the spectroscopy. I think I would have just stood staring at the eclipse.

    Can't wait to see you results at the April meeting.

  2. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Excellent stuff Robin, really impressed. It must have been something to actually see it live.