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Sunday, April 2

CAS News goes from strength to strength

CAS News has passed a couple of landmarks recently with our 50th article being posted (Robin's Solar eclipse report getting that honour) and now over 200 visits to the site (since records began etc . . etc. )

Anyway that hopefully shows that people are finding the site useful. A dozen our so people, are now signed up to the email subscription service, and get CAS News direct to their inbox every morning (including pictures if they choose), without even having to go to the website. Just to remind you that you can find details of how to sign up for email here.

We now also have four contributors, so more opportunties for interesting articles. However you can also contribute. . . .

One of the key advantages of 'blogs' over other websites is the ability to add comments to articles or 'posts' as they are knon. You can add comments to any of the articles on CAS News easily. A comment is just a small message which could be; a question, additional information you have found, a link to a relevant website, or even something interesting but unrelated.

It is easy to leave a comment, and you don't even need to put your name on it (although it would help). At the bottom of each post you will see a line which starts "posted by ###" then a time, on the right hand side is a link which usually says "0 Comments" or "1 Comments", just follow that link to add your comment. See the picture below.

We look forward to getting your comments and questions, and you'll be helping to expand CAS News.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Congratulations on the success of CAS News, I hope everyone keeps checking it regularly for updates, it's a very useful resource - good articles too!

    Thanks to all the CAS members who came down to see us - and listen to Robin's talk - at Kendal last night. It was great to see you all again and welcome you to our new "home" at the Museum. Hopefully we can send an expedition in the opposite direction soon, maybe for Caroline's talk...

    Thanks to Robin, especially, for his FASCINATING talk. Afterwards many EAS members were telling me how much they had enjoyed the evening. Thanks Robin!