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Sunday, April 30

CAS Members websites

Not much happening news-wise at the moment, so I thought I'd take some time out from the usual news items to plug the websites of some of our own CAS members. These sites give a flavour of what CAS members are up to, and are well worth a look !

Robin Leadbeater's website: [http://www.leadbeaterhome.fsnet.co.uk/astro.htm]

Robin has developed and expertise for what is known as "unconventional imaging", that is using web cams and similar low cost imagers to capture high resolution images of the night sky. Many amateurs have used this technique to take images of planets which rival those from the largest ground based telescopes. Some of Robin's early work on his website includes planets and familiar 'deep sky objects'. However, Robin has adapted the technique to more scientific observing including measuring the redshift of distant quasars, detecting extrasolar planets, measuring the spectrum of a variety of objects, including most recently the total solar eclipse in March 2006. Robin's feats have earned him plenty of coverage in local and astronomy media and even an appearance on BBC's Sky at Night television programme. He has also written an article for Sky at Night magazine. Details of all Robin's projects are on his website.

Linda Davison's website: [http://uk.geocities.com/linda_davison@btinternet.com/]

Linda specialises in what I would call nightscapes. Her photographs capture the essence of astronomy by showing the beauty of the night sky as part of the landscape. Most of her images are wide field images, usually with some foreground interest as well. Linda's work has mostly been achieved using a film camera and a simple homemade 'barn door' tracker. The results are stunning. More recently Linda has acquired a digital SLR.

Linda has published a book of her photographs of comet Hale-Bopp, and has had photographs published in astronomy magazines. She also sells framed prints of her photographs.

Jerry Hunt's website: [http://www.j.g.hunt.freeuk.com/]

Jerry's site showcases his excellent astrophotographs. The images are generally taken with a digital SLR through Jerry's 6 inch refractor. Mainly focusing on deep sky objects the pictures are spectacular and Jerry has had several published in Astronomy Now magazine. Jerry will be giving us a talk on his techniques at our September CAS meeting.

I know other CAS members are keen astrophotographers, and have produced so impressive results. If you have a website you would like to share with others let me know and I'll post a link here.

Alternatively if people have one or two images we could start a member's photos on the CAS website.

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