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Thursday, April 27

CAS April Meeting Report

Our April meeting was probably our busiest to date with a total of four presentations.
Chris gave a very brief news update including news from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Venus Express and Kuiper Belt object 2003 UB313.

Next Caroline made her debut talk at CAS. Despite her worries, it was an excellent talk, professionally delivered! The history of meteors, what they are and lots of tips on how to observe them. There were some amazing woodcut drawings of the great meteor storm of 1833 which really fired the imagination.

During the break there was plenty of discussion on astronomy topics, and people seemed reluctant to break out of. The was also a chance to review the latest astronomy magazines etc.

After the break Robin gave a fascinating report on his recent trip to Turkey to observe the total solar eclipse. He included behind the scene pictures from the BBC Sky at Night eclipse programme, some amazing pictures of the eclipse from other amateurs on the trip, and of course Robin's own spectroscopy work during the eclipse. Overall this gave a really good appreciated in the experience and I'm sure started a few people thinking "maybe next time" !

Finally Bill gave us a update on what's in the night sky for May including a look at a piece of astronomy freeware call Planets which allows you to look a the position of Jupiter's moons on any given night.

Thanks to everyone who presented, and particularly Caroline for such an excellent first talk.

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