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Friday, March 10

News Roundup . . .

I've not had much time over the last week or so to keep on top of news, so here's a quick roundup of what's been going on. Most items have been covered more than adequately elsewhere, so I'll just provide some quick links;

Sir Patrick Moore in hospital - Sir Patrick has been in hospital this week to have a pacemaker fitted. Chris Lintott's blog and Cumbrian Sky . BBC News report Sir Patrick is "doing well".

Jupiter's other red spot - One of the smaller storms on Jupiter is getting bigger and redder, forming other red spot. It is getting big enough now to see in (large) amateur 'scopes. Universe Today article

Stuart's Moonwatching - Over at Cumbrian Sky Stuart has been trying out some simple photography of the moon using a digital camera and telescope, with some pretty stunning results.

Probe to crash into the Moon - Scientists will deliberately crash ESA Smart1 probe into the Moon later this year. Check out the details on Cumbrian Sky.

Mars Express photographs the cliffs of Olympus Mons - ESA's Mars Express mission has captured some spectacular images on the cliffs at the base of Olympus Mons on Mars. The cliffs in this image are up to 6km high !

Image Credit:ESA

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