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Wednesday, March 29

CAS March Meeting Report

Our March meeting was not as well attended as usual, perhaps due in part to the poor weather and the absence of some 'regulars' chasing the solar eclipse ! Although the planned topic was astronomy software, Bill was called away on business at the last minute, thwarting his presentation for a second time.

Chris started the meeting with the usual round up of news items including; Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter successful arrival at Mars and first photos, delays to the Shuttle launch and updates on the Hayabusa probes finding at Itokawa. We also discussed the committee's thoughts on the future direction of the society, which will be the subject of a separate entry.

After a short break it was time for Chris to continue with a (hastily prepared) presentation on the use of astronomy software for educational purposes, showcasing some of the software on the free CD which was available. After the meeting members gathered round a map to search out possible locations for an observing site close to Cockermouth. There was plenty of suggestions (thanks to all who helped there !) , although there were no obvious candidates and a bit more work is required.

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