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Thursday, March 30

CAS Committee news

At the moment we run CAS with a committee of volunteers comprising;
  • Bill McAlister
  • Robin Leadbeater
  • Caroline Pollard
  • Chris Darwin
  • Tony Terry and
  • Jeremy Hunt (who has recently agreed to join us)
At our last meeting we discussed the way forward for the society. Our conclusion was that there would be many benefits to organising more formally. This would allow us, for example, to apply for lottery funding for equipment etc.

We are not talking about big changes. Basically we need to have a constitution, formal accounts, and have a membership list.

At the moment we don't have a membership list, people just turn up to meetings and events and pay a small charge to cover room hire. That works well, but without a membership list, we don't know who are members are, we can't really keep in touch with everyone or lend equipment out etc.

So over the next couple of months you might see some slight changes, probably limited to someone asking you for some membership details, and a short Annual General Meeting at our May meeting.

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