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Wednesday, January 25

CAS Newsletter moves to a blog

Ok. I'm trying something new here. To date the CAS Newsletter has been produced as a weekly newsletter. That seems to work OK . . But.

For one, I have to sit down and pull everything together on one day, remember what has been going on, what I'm supposed to tell you etc. Often I miss things.

Secondly, although some of you reply with comments, views or more news, not everyone gets to see those comments. And finally anyone else who wants to get information out to you has to send it to me first (and I have to remember to include it!).

So I'm trying this blog, which offers the potential for more regular updates, as things happen (or occur to me). Also CAS members can post comments on the items, so we can have a bit of discussion. Also the blog offers the option of other people (committee members, say) being able to fully contribute to the blog. On a more technical side I will be investigating RSS feeds and email summaries of the blog.

It might all be for nothing, but we'll give it a go. We've always got the email system to fall back on if all else fails.


OK another couple of potential advantages occur to me;
  1. I can go back and add things to items (like this) or more likely correct mistakes etc.
  2. You have a full searchable archive of all previous news items should you really want them.

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