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Thursday, January 26

CAS Newsletter by email

How do you want your CAS News ?

This CAS News blog seems to offer quite few advantages. One of which is that it gives you total control over how you get news about CAS. Up until now you've had no choice. You get the emails when I send them and you read them, ignore them, or delete them without opening (I suppose that is your choice !). I have no idea how many people who I send the email to actually want it or read it.

Now you have a number of choices. If you prefer email you can sign up to get the new items by email the day they are published (or the following morning usually).

Perhaps you are not a CAS 'regular' and hence don't need the updates clogging your inbox ? Maybe you're a past member who still like to keep in touch with what we are up to (if so it's nice of you to keep an interest), or maybe a member of one of the other excellent Cumbrian Astronomy Societies. No matter, you can just drop by this site from time to time to see what the latest CAS News is, and browse the archives.

Or maybe your interest has waned completely, and you ignore the emails (wait a minute . . . If that's the case you'll probably never get to it's site!). Anyway, if you really not interested, do nothing and the emails will stop shortly.

Whether you want to get the news from here at the CAS News site, from www.cockermouthastronomy.co.uk or by email, or all three, the choice is yours.

Getting the news by email

It's easy to subscribe or unsubscribe to the 'newsletter'. Just enter your email address in the box in the sidebar . .

The emails are then provided by a service called FeedBlitz, which will check the CAS News blog for you and send you an email every day there is a new entry. The email will have the full entry, so you need never go back to the blog again. You can chose to get a text or HTML (formatting and pictures) email, and also subscribe to other news as well if you want. Maybe I'll cover how to do that in a future item.

If you decide you no longer want the emails, just follow the unsubscribe link in the emails you get. By the way, don't worry about your email address being spammed, feedblitz has a strict policy (I've been using the service to receive emails for some time without problem). I will be able to see your email address unless you choose not to let me when you sign up, but no-one else will.

You notice from the picture above there is also an option to subscribe directly to the rss feed. At the moment I'll leave that to you, but rss technology is becoming more popular and is really useful.

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