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Saturday, November 3

Comet Holmes Spotted At Last!

I have been waiting over a week for a break in the weather to spot this comet and finally I got a glimpse of it tonight through the haze and bonfire smoke. It certainly is big and bright, easily spotted naked eye as a fuzzy blob and rivals the full moon for size in the ubiquitous Lidl 10x50s.

I took a couple of quick snapshots of it with the Canon 350d plus 80-300mm zoom pigybacked on the main scope. We are seeing it almost end on as it speeds away from us so there is only the merest hint of a tail. Very different from its reported almost star like appearence a week ago.

This has to be one of the most remarkable unexpected astronomical events of the year. I am surprised more has not been made of it in the press.

There is a possible break in the weather Monday/Tuesday night so look out for it at that firework party and if anyone fancies an impromptu comet watch, I will be in the Memorial Garden Cockermouth Tuesday 6th from 8-9pm with a small wide field refractor, given clear skies. e-mail me if you plan to join me.



  1. Thanks for the pictures Robin, glad you finally got to see it. I hope others did too.
    Comet watch sounds a great idea. Count me in.

  2. OK Chris see you there. Fingers crossed for a clear night. I just discovered I can fit the wide field Moonfish eyepiece to the widefield refractor so I might be able to give your giant binos a run for their money!