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Saturday, November 21

November 2015 CAS meeting

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 24th November. This month Robin Leadbeater will be giving us a talk;

"An Introduction to Variable Stars"

How and why many stars vary in brightness, and the vital role of the amateur observer in studying them

Friday, October 16

CAS October 2015 Meeting

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 27th October and we have a visiting speaker Dr Ian Bradley from the Lancaster University department of Physics, who will be speaking on the subject "Every picture tells a (scientific) story"

The meeting starts at 7.30pm

Sunday, September 27

Lunar eclipse tonight

Don't forget there is a total eclipse of the moon tonight. You'll need to be up in the early hours to see this one as it starts around 2am.

As usual Stuart has lots of useful information about observing the event and other things in the sky over on his Cumbrian Sky blog. .

If you take any pictures of the eclipse bring them along to our meeting on Tuesday night.


Sunday, September 20

September meeting: Equipment Night

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 29th September. As the nights are drawing in, we are starting our autumn season with a few meetings which are particularly aimed at beginners.

This month we will be looking at the equipment used for astronomy. You don't need anything expensive to get started - there is plenty to see just with your eyes, or some simple binoculars. However it's not long before everyone starts to ask "which telescope should I buy?". There is a huge range of options available which can seem overwhelming and we can give you plenty of advice.

At our equipment meeting we'll have a range telescopes available to explain the different types and features. We will cover the basics of how telescopes work and consider some of the other factors that you need to think about when choosing a telescope. It's also a great opportunity to get some practical advice on using your own telescope so if you want to get more from the equipment you've already got bring it along.

Over the coming months we'll turn our attention to finding our way around the night sky and starting out in astrophotography.

As always we will also be reviewing the latest news and images from the world of astronomy and space exploration.

I hope to see you there, 7.30pm at St Joseph's Church Hall, Cockermouth.

Tuesday, August 25

No August Meeting

Just a reminder that there is no meeting tonight. Our next meeting is at the end of September.

Tuesday, June 30

June Meeting

We have our June meeting this evening. Stuart Atkinson from Eddington Astronomical Society will be giving us a guide to observing and photographing noctilucent clouds. These glowing clouds are visible at this time of year high in the atmosphere at night.

As usual the meeting starts at 7.30pm.