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Wednesday, September 3

Stargazing Kendal this week.

Stargazing Kendal is already well underway with activities all this week held by The Eddington Astronomical Society. CAS members are more than welcome to attend and help out with observing sessions on Saturday. I hope to see some of you there. 


Sunday, August 17

No August CAS Meeting

Remember there is no CAS meeting this month as we have a short summer break. Our next meeting will be at he end of September.

There is plenty of astronomy going on in Kendal during September as Eddington Astronomical Society are holding a Stargazing Kendal festival. Details are on the EAS website.

Any CAS members who are available to help out with any of these events will be welcomed by our friends in Kendal.

Sunday, July 27

July CAS meeting

Our July meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th at our usual place and time.

We will have the usual round up of space and astronomy news then we'll look at the scale of the universe in a different way by looking at the range of densities of the stuff that it's made of.

If you have any images you would like to share please bring them along with you. 

See you on Tuesday.

Friday, July 25

June Meeting follow up

Many thanks to Simon White from the Eddington Astronomical Society, who gave an excellent talk last month on the science and maths behind telescope optics. The talk started by explaining the basics of telescope optics and went on to explore topics such as resolving power and minimum and maximum magnification. I think beginners and experienced telescope users were left with some food for thought.

Simon has passed on a couple of slide with the key formulae he used as well as some links to further information for those who are interested.

Randy Culp’s original material is at www.rocketmime.com/astronomy/Telescope/telescope_eqn.html

A pretty comprehensive coverage of the subject is at www.telescope-optics.net  - not for the faint hearted!

Simon's astrophotography adventures are constantly updated at www.simoninthelakes.co.uk

I'm sure we will all be interested to here from Simon at future CAS meetings.

Sunday, June 22

June Meeting - An Introduction to Telescope Optics

*** CAS Meeting - Tue 24th June 2014 ***

The next CAS meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday and following the news on astronomy and spaceflight by Chris, we will be treated to a talk by Simon White on the topic of "An Introduction to Telescope Optics".

Meeting kicks off at 7.30pm

Monday, May 26

* CAS meeting Tuesday 27th May 2014 7.30pm *

Tomorrow night is our May meeting.

The theme of our talk is "Reaching back 12 billion years - First light for the Three Hills Observatory ALPY 200 spectrograph", to be given by Robin Leadbeater.

This will be based on Robin's new work within the amateur community to extend the limits of faint spectroscopy, including an update from an international conference in Germany.